The Beautiful Comox Valley

Hi! This is a Slide Rocket presentation telling you what you can do in the Comox Valley. This is for week 2 in the Student Blogging Challenge

Hope you enjoy!

These images are all creative commons. If you mouse over the pictures it will have the name of photographer on it.

2 thoughts on “The Beautiful Comox Valley

  1. Hello Caitlyn
    I thought your sideshow it was very pretty . I have been to lots of those places because I live there. Thank you for helping me make my avatar.
    Also think your avatar is really pretty. I think your blog is awesome!
    What are you doing for your heritage project?

  2. Solid pictures Caitlyn!
    Those pictures are great. My favorite picture is the one in the rain. Did you take these pictures yourself? You should check out my blog. I have just posted something very interesting about Kony that is easy to help.

    Here is my blog :


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