Quotations About Failure

Try and fail, but don’t fail to try- Stephan Kaggwa

This quote suits me because when I try new things, I will probably fail. But I never fail to try them. For example I tried dance for the first time and I failed. I failed by falling a lot when we were doing our warmups, then I would be really tired when we were actually doing our dances. Over time I got better at dance because I was practicing, so I got better. Have you ever failed at something you love doing? I have!




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Yeah, it’s finally Friday!

Friday is a day of the week that everybody loves. Here are some things that you can do on Friday.

  • You can have a family movie night or watch a movie by yourself with popcorn. I’m looking forward to seeing Hunger Games.
  • Play a board game with your family. I like to play Monopoly with my family .
  • And for dinner you can have PIZZA. My favourite kind of pizza is pepperoni.
  • Go to the park and let your energy out if you have a lot of it. I usually have a lot of energy but instead of going to the park I go to dance class.
  • Go to the mall with your friends and buy new clothes like shirts, pants, shoes. You can also buy fabulous new hair items like clips, hair ties and bobby pins.
  • Maybe have a sleepover with friends, and stay up really late! There is so much things to do on Fridays.

Probably the best thing about Friday is that you don’t have to get up the next day.

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Great Blog Posts I Recommend

Hi! This is my first post about the Student Blogging Challenge. Here are some blog posts I recommend

  • this is a  post written by, Pirate60 I like this post because it has  good quality and it is very funny.
  • I also recommend this post written by, Brianne I like this post because it has good quality and very interesting.
  • Here is another blogs post written by, Sophie I like this post because it has great things to do and things you should try in it.

If you want to read more blogs like this then the Student Blogging Challenge students participant list is the place for you to go. Those are just three blog posts I recommend, Enjoy.

The Young Entrepreneur Fair

I made lots of money!

When The Young Entrepreneur Fair was just beginning I went into the gym and I was so nervous. I bet other people were nervous too. It was slow at first but when people started coming around to Kehana’s and my table cause we shared a table the customers started to buy my item.

When I grow up and if I was a Entrepreneur I would like a product like the Book Worms they were successful. I don’t really imagine being a Entrepreneur when I grow up because I would have to go out and buy all of the items and make the product and see if it works so it would be hard for me.

I had a hard time because when Kehana went to go buy things I had to take care my side of the table and Kehana’s side. When we carried on the fair during lunch it started getting slow again because nobody really wanted to buy it for $2.00 so I had to lower the price down to $1.50. Then the customers started coming back but a lot of people gave me $2.00 so I had to give them change.

After the fair we went back to our class rooms and got a sheet that  you fill out how much money you had to pay for the loan and the float and the donation. Then after you paid it all off you find out how much you really have for your profit.

So then the total profit I had is $45.00.  I was really happy with that much money. Then I added that to my wallet at home and I have $86.04. The Young Entrepreneur Fair was a lot of fun and if I was doing it at school again I would do it again.



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Caitlyn’s Book Worms

Never lose your spot!

My Book Worms have a tail so you won't lose your spot!

Hi, I am selling Book Worms. They are knitted and they will sold before Valentine’s Day in my school gym. Please take your time to fill out my survey below.

Dear Mom and Dad

Dear Paint Brush Mom and Paint Brush Dad,

I’m writing this letter to you because I got bought by a human. I remember when I was just sitting in the back of the storage room with you. I was so happy when I was with you but then you had to leave. I have no idea where you went… I was so heart-broken. I was looking for you, I was yelling for you but no answer. I eventually fell asleep.

When I woke up I wasn’t in the storage anymore! I was in a big moving thing. I believe that people call it a truck. The truck had a huge surrounding full of boxes with the word Costco. That’s a really weird name what does Costco mean?

When something took me out of the truck I was stunned by the huge building. The sign also said Costco. The human took me into this Costco, and put me on a shelf. “Am I supposed to wait here or stay here?” Nobody answered me. I said it louder but nobody answered me. I yelled it. Somebody looked around me to see what it was but not at me. I looked around to see if my parents were in this mess of a place too but they weren’t (sigh).

Then something walked by me and stopped at my presence and she grabbed me off the shelf with her grabby hands and stuffed me in a dark place (bag) where I was highly claustrophobic.

I screamed at the human but she didn’t reply. I wanted to know where I was going but if I were to find out the human would have to answer me but that’s not going to happen is it?

Then when we stopped moving the human took me out of the bag and tossed me onto the ground. Suddenly she grabbed some very colourful paper and grabbed me and put me onto the paper and she taped up the paper and I could not see anymore all I saw was black. I tried to get out but it was no use, I was stuck here all alone.

I know that I would have to stay here until the clock strikes 7:00 tomorrow morning. I fell asleep for about 1 hour.

When I woke up I heard stomping coming from the stairs. I said “It’s Christmas” I was so happy someone was going to open me up and paint with me. Then I heard little footsteps gathering around me.

I was taken and put somewhere high. When I got settled someone took me out of  the box and screamed, “This is just what I wanted! Thank you thank you thank you!”

Very annoying! The little girl sat me in her lap, and we watched everyone else open up their presents. Suddenly the little girl who opened me up her sister opened her final present and guess what it was? It was you, my parents. I was so full of joy that we weren’t separated  that much. When Christmas finally ended I was all tuckered out because of all of the painting we did. We probably made at least 5 pictures …I’m so tired.

But I did not sleep. I quietly tiptoed over to where you were. We were up all night dancing in front of the pictures that the humans painted with us


Image: Tools Of The Trade by Artskym


Roots Of Empathy

Hi!  We just found out that we’re getting a new classmate. His name is Elliot he is 2 months old, he is coming to our classroom from a program called Roots Of Empathy. Empathy is when you are showing compassion towards people. So through out the program we get to learn from the baby.  We also sing songs for the baby and see if he likes it.

Elliot will come to our class on Thursdays every three weeks. We have about nine lessons with Elliot. We will need to stand close to Elliot for him too see us. We will probably get to give him his toys and play with him while he’s playing. We get to see how he reacts to us and everything around us. I’m not sure if Elliot is coming a little late or a little early. Elliot will be coming in with his mother and he will be staying for like 20 minutes every three weeks. When we are done with the Roots Of Empathy Elliot will be about 1 years old or younger. Mrs.Kennedy comes to our class on Monday’s for pre class. She told us that babies can only see about a inch or two. Mrs.Kennedy also told us that babies like soft high pitched voices so we we sing like that. I already knew that babies like to be read to.

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10 Of My Favourite Animals

Hi these are 10 of my most favourite animals.

  • Dogs. I love their puppy dog eyes.
  • Cats. I love when they purr.
  • Zebras. I love their black and white stripes.
  • Panda bears. I love how they eat bamboo all day.
  • Platypus. I love their tails .
  • Tiger. I also love their stripes.
  • Horses. I like riding them and brushing them.
  • Monkeys. I like how they climb around.
  • Owls. I like how they can see at night.
  • Polar bears. I like that they’re fluffy and white and  survive the cold.

Hope you share the same interest in these animals.  And you should tell me what what you like and disagree with these animals.

Image: Panda Daydream by San Diego Shooter